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 07858 042 400 


I understand how hard it can be to reach out for help. You're not alone. There's no shame in seeking counselling - it's an act of courage and self-care.

Counselling provides a judgement-free, safe space where you can open up and be heard.

I want to listen with care, compassion, and complete acceptance. Your feelings are valid, your struggles are real, and your wellbeing matters. Together, we'll get to the heart of what's weighing you down so you can start to heal.

The relationship we have with our significant 'other' is often one of the longest relationships we have during our lifetime.

All couples experience ups and downs as they go though the different stages of life.
We may struggle with our emotions due to financial worries, infidelity, jealousy, lack of trust, or communication difficulties.

This can impact upon how we feel within the relationship and cause us to disconnect from our partner.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese relaxation technique.

I have studied Reiki for a number of years to

Reiki Master Teacher  


A Reiki Treatment helps to balance

the mind and body,

helping to relieve stress.

Reiki treats the whole person

including Body, Emotions & Mind.

It involves the laying on of hands to increase life force energy.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for


These wheels or Chakras help to

keep the life force energy flowing around the body..

When we become stressed our Chakras become sluggish.

Reiki helps to balance the Charkras within the body helping you to feel less stressed.

Fees £40 per Reiki Treatment

Approx. 45 Minutes

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Well done for taking the first step in trying to identify a therapist who will be the best person for you. I understand it may have taken you a long time to get to this point, and even as you read this you may not be sure it’s the right time for you to make contact with a therapist. It may be you decide to close my website and look again at another time, and that’s okay too. Alternatively today could be the day you make an enquiry, leading to some positive changes for yourself. 

I offer face to face therapy at West Midlands House in Willenhall, convenient for people living in Wolverhampton, Wednesfield, Bilston, Darlaston, Wednesbury, Walsall, Brownhills, Aldridge, Tipton, Dudley, Pelsall, Oldbury, Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham.

The room is a relaxing environment, where we can sit together and use this safe space to talk about whatever it is you feel comfortable sharing with me 

People talk to me about :

Anxiety & Depression

Low Self-Esteem

Relationship Difficulties

Anger Management 

Bereavement, Grief and Loss

Workplace Stress


Low Mood

Divorce & Separation

Isolation and Loneliness 


Domestic Abuse

Historical vents

and much more

About me

I am a qualified Person Centred, Therapeutic Counsellor and member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists   MBACP

Prior to becoming qualified, I worked for over twenty years supporting people within the voluntary and community sectors, initially working with parents, carers and their children, helping them to make positive changes to their lives.

I began to realise throughout my time working with parents and carers that many were struggling to function to their best ability, not because they didn’t have the skills, but because they were struggling to come to terms with the various life experiences they had encountered. This is what encouraged me to become a counsellor.

Feedback from Clients

A friendly listening ear when I needed one most, Helped get me through a difficult period of my life. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Diane to my friends. It’s comforting to know Diane’s there if I need to talk again." Male aged 43

Amazing lady, When I first met her, I was both emotionally and mentally drained. She helped me unpack my issues in a safe and comfortable space, Now I'm feeling much lighter, Thumbs up I totally recommend" Female aged 37


" I didn't think counselling could help me as it cant change the past. But I was able to tell my story to Diane who was listening to me and she helped me to understand that I can be in control of my future" Male aged 58

" I just needed someone to talk to, who wasn't involved emotionally in my situation. Diane was kind and friendly  she helped me a lot would recommend her"  Female aged 19

"I'm a 54 year old man, and my life became unbearable to the point where I thought I wanted it to end.  Diane came highly recommended to me, and after only 3 sessions, she helped me get to the root causes for my feelings.  She has also given me help in how to deal with my problems.  I still have a long way to go, but I'm feeling more confident now, thanks to Diane's help and expertise.  I can't thank her enough."

Getting Help
West Midlands House Gipsy Lane, Willenhall Wolverhampton WV13 2HA
Tel- 07858 042 400 




We all experience anxiety from time to time. Our ancestors also experienced

anxiety, but back then it could have been a fear of knowing a wild animal was near. These feelings helped them to run away faster if they found themselves in a threatening situation.

Nowadays we don't experience the same level of threat as our ancestors.

However we do still feel anxiety when we feel threatened, worried or in danger.

When we experience too much anxiety it can have a really debilitating impact upon our lives.

We experience physical & emotional symptoms and can feel overwhelmed or even suffer from panic attacks.

Understanding your anxiety can help you to work through what is at the root cause.

Reiki is also a Japanese

relaxation treatment that can benefit people suffering with Anxiety.


Self Esteem

We all have Self Esteem. It's how we value and perceive ourselves.

Some people are

okay with their level of self esteem, sometimes it fluctuates and for others self esteem is low. 

There are a number of factors that can affect your self esteem including:

Being bullied

Being abused

Blaming yourself for things

Losing a job

Money problems

Being in an unhealthy relationship

and many more

Do you have a negative inner voice that drives how you think and feel? Do you believe some of the following:

Everyone hates me!

I always mess up!

I'm no good!

Am I unlovable?

Am I going mad ?

These questions are probably linked to your self esteem


Talking to a therapist can help you to understand what is going on for you, raise your confidence and self esteem.



Depression can occur for a number of reasons and some of the symptoms include: a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest in things which once gave you joy

Life events such as Retirement

Having a baby Menopause Bereavement

Relationship Breakdown

or a combination of reasons can cause a low mood which can develop into a depressive disorder  

Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a wide variety of symptoms including:

A continuous low mood

Feeling hopeless and helpless

Being tearful

loss of interest

Having low tolerance of others

Having suicidal thoughts

Talking to a therapist can help you to explore your low mood and explore techniques for improvement.

Reiki is also a Japanese


treatment that can benefit people suffering from Depression


Anger Management

Anger is a primary emotion and even though it is generally seen as a negative thing

Anger is part of the human being survival kit, so it's okay to feel angry.

However it's how we respond  to our anger that can cause distress to ourselves and others


We can look at the reason behind your anger difficulties and work together to find new ways to manage this 

Talking to a therapist can help you to explore the triggers for your anger, how you react and how to change old patterns of behaviour.

Learning to manage your anger in a healthy way can have a positive impact upon you and those around you.

Talking to a therapist can  help you to look at what may be causing such intense emotions for you and help you to heal


Reiki is also a Japanese

 relaxation treatment that can benefit people struggling with anger management.



Stress can be experienced when we are facing a change or challenging situation  in our lives.

You may experience nervousness, worry or tension and stress is the body's way of responding to challenge and demand.

Talking to a therapist can help you to make changes that can reduce your stress levels.

Reiki is also a Japanese


treatment that can benefit people suffering with stress. 

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